OutPaws Tails and Trails Event

Gather your friends, family and coworkers, and join us for the OutPaws Tails and Trails Hike Series and Fundraiser!

Our Fundraising Goal:




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We have had an amazing summer saving lives!  All of our fosters and coordinators at OutPaws have enjoyed seeing our alumni who have joined us for our Kick-Off Party and group hikes.  Our sponsors have worked hard to motivate each of YOU to help us to raise much-needed funds by providing our prizes for each level of fundraising.  Each pledge you work to obtain will go to pay for medical care and transportation fees for a dog or cat that is facing euthanasia in a high kill shelter--yet because of YOU will now have a second chance at life.  

But now, we're approaching the main event--the Tails and Trails Scavenger Hunt Hike and After-Party.  If you haven't had the opportunity to adventure with us over the summer, now is the time.  Simply go to the Registration page and sign up as a participant.  You'll then have your own Participant page with options to share with your friends, family and co-workers to ask for pleges.  Let your network know what OutPaws is doing.  You can join our Facebook OutPaws Tails and Trails Hike Series page for stories to share with your friends as you reach out for pledges.  And you can share with them the difference OutPaws has made in your life and/or the life of your pet.  We're a little over halfway to our fundraising goal.  Help us meet our goal and change lives.  And, you still have plenty of time to earn great prizes from our sponsors.  With $50 in pledges, you'll earn your Tails and Trails t-shirt; at $100, your Tails and Trails hoodie; and at $250, you'll get an H2O4K9 stainless steel water bottle with dog bowl.

Ask people to pledge as you and your furry companion compete in our Scavenger Hunt Hike.  You will set out on an adventure to solve riddles and perform tasks to earn points.  You must photograph tasks performed and the teams with the highest amount of points will win.  Earn great prizes for the first, second and third place teams.  We'll have some alumni team competitions -- Potcakes versus Roswell dogs, etc.--and look forward to spending a fun day with dogs we were able to save because of fundraisers like you.


September 15, 2018:  SCAVENGER HUNT HIKE AND AFTER-PARTY FINALE EVENT - Saint Patrick's Brewing – Scavenger Hunt will kick-off at 9:30 a.m. and conclude at 12:30 p.m.  After party will begin at noon with music, silent auction, award ceremony, games, beer and food truck. SCAVENGER HUNT PARTICIPANTS MAY CHECK IN AND RECEIVE THEIR HUNT TASKS BETWEEN 9:15 AND 9:30 A.M. AT THE OUTPAWS TENT AT SAINT PATRICK'S BREWING.  Be sure to bring a fully-charged phone with camera as you will need to take photos of tasks as they are completed.


Don't miss out on this chance to save the lives of homeless dogs and cats while participating in a crazy, adventurous scavenger hunt hike with your friends and your furry companion out on the trails!

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